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We sincerely welcome and thank you for visiting the website of Bncare Agriculture Co.,Ltd..
Development of propolis became the mission in my life on the opportunity of having taken propolis in an effort to improve failing respiratory functions on the basis of my major in fermentation engineering (food engineering).
As the results of prolonged research, I came to realize that propolis, which is a natural anti-oxidation substance generated by bees, is essential in the health of oral and respiratory system with grave concerns for going out of home particularly due to microdust for us living in this modern era as suppression of excessive oxidation is the basis of all health management.

As the term ‘Sintobulyi’ (the belief that domestically grown products are the best for the local people) suggests, propolis produced in Korea has the best efficacies for our physical constitutions. Therefore, I am putting in efforts to enhance the national health through provision of globally reputable propolis produced in Korea and towards enhancement of income for beekeeping farmers.

Bncare managed to become a company truly specializing in propolis through acquisition of GMP certification by establishing subsidiary research center of the company in June 2014.
We shall put our utmost efforts to provide the best propolis at reasonable price to greater number of people by using more outstanding raw materials and advanced technological capabilities.
We seek your continued concerns and support.
Lee, Yong Lim, Representative Director of Bncare Agriculture Co.,Ltd.

CEO Profile

  • Representative director of Bncare
  • Health maestro No. 2 selected by Kolon Well Care
  • Adjunct professor (former) of Food Engineering Department of Chungju University
  • Factory manager at the Korea Bio Energy
  • Director of Planning / Product Development of Duruone Co., Ltd.
  • Manager of Product Development Department of Intra Co., Ltd.
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