Technologies held

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Technologies held

Technologies held

Manufacturing of completed water-soluble propolis through freeze dry technique for the first time in the industry

Low-molecular weight water-soluble propolis


Patent No. 0523746 : Method of manufacturing water-soluble propolis

  • Propolis is a fat soluble substance that does not dissolve well in water, making it difficult to be absorbed in the human body.
  • Absorption rate by the human body is increased by hydrolyzing propolis with our patented manufacturing technique.
Zero use of synthetic emulsifier

First freeze dry method in the industry (propolis)

Although the general drying method or liquid forms, they are in polymer form. By converting such polymer form (polyphenol) into into low molecular weight form (oligopolyphenol) through the technological capability of Bncare, it assists harmonious digestion and absorption, and minimizes destruction of ingredients in propolis that are beneficial to human body.
In order for propolis to be completely bound with cyclodextrine, a natural oligosaccharide, freeze drying is essential!
Even more outstanding antibacterial and anti-oxidation actions

Comparison of water solubility of propolis of our company with those of others

Freeze dried low molecular weight powder, Power King

Proking Powerpolis (powder), which is water-soluble evenly dissolves and dispersed even in cold water without lumping.

Polymer powder products of other companies

Products of other companies are polymer powder that does not dissolve well and lumps up in water.

Use of beta-cyclodextrin,
which is a natural oligosaccharide, and coating

Removes the bitter taste of the existing propolis products and offer gentle taste and aroma!!

What is beta-cyclodextrin?

It is one of natural oligosaccharides and plays the role of a natural emulsifier.
* Emulsifier: Food additive used when mixing 2 liquids (used in milk, butter, mayonnaise and cosmetics, etc.)
Substance to increase the absorption rate by making the propolis molecule smaller by capturing (coating) the propolis molecule (particle) inside its circular shape.
By capturing fat-soluble substance as illustrated below through the patented technology of our company, water-solubility was increased markedly.


manufacturing processes

Beverage for relief of hangover

Patent application No.: 10–2016-0081322

  • Method of producing beverage for relief of hangover by using propolis
  • Absorption rate is increased by using highly water-soluble propolis powder of our company and the actions of propolis quickly lowers the concentration of alcohol in blood not only to protect liver tissues and cells but also flavonoid provides health enhancement effects through relieving of hangover and blood purification action.
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