Consumption method

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Consumption method

Consumption method


Antibacterial action in oral cavity Consume directly through the mouth


Anti-oxidation action: Consume by diluting 1.5ml in 150ml of water.
When 15ml of propolis is diluted in 2L of mineral water, it will dissolve well in water without any remaining lump. (It is convenient to dilute 1.5ml in 500ml of mineral water and drink in portions throughout the day.)

Flavonoid contents and recommendations

The Food & Drug Safety Administration regulates the appropriate daily quantity of consumption of flavonoid, the effective ingredient in propolis, to 16~17mg.
If more than this quantity is consumed, there is possibility of imparting burden on those with feeble physical conditions. It is designed to prevent abuse and misuse of functional health food.

What is important is whether the product was manufactured to enable 100% of the daily recommended quantity to be absorbed into the body. Therefore, Bncare Propolis Functional Health Food succeeded in developing processing technology (water solubility utilizing natural emulsifier) that enables even the small quantity to be fully absorbed into the human body.
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